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Guitars, Handcuffs and fairylights


My brother from another mother! Bambi&Shiix

I love this so much!!! My shiixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The day we were scientists

I loved this day

This is what my lecturer drew on my essay… I wrote “Martian” instead of “Martin” oops… Nanu nanu!!!!


Body changes: Pre-T compared to 19 months on Testosterone.

Please, please, please do not post these photos on other sites without asking me for permission first, as I live my day-to-day life stealth.

I know it is late, but merry Christmas :) #christmas #merry #kiss #santa

This is my beautiful new folk guitar called Myrtle Nutbeam #guitar #myrtle #folk #acoustic #beautiful #hippy #love

Wow I am beautiful -________-

A musician, a student, a lover of shoes and the clean bedding dance, but more importantly I am secretly really cool! x

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